Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday in NH

It is a very cold Saturday morning in New Hampshire. I came up to visit some friends that couldn't make it to Jim's service and sent me a ticket for a visit. I had forgotten about what a temperture change there is from MD to NH.

The change in environment is good and seeing the boys now has been a treat. Melissa's pldest son is now 14 and almost 6 ft with size 13 shoes. And worried about girls laughing at his curly hair. And eating everything he can. The youngest son is 11 and will be a heartbreaker soon. I will try to up date this post when I get back with photos.

New Hampshire is wonderful - mainly because it is far from the city, clean air, fresh views and lots of room. When Jim and I lived in Massachussetts, we would come up here every once in awhile as a get away treat. It hasn't changed much.

I am going to relax a bit, soak it all up and think things out. Talking to someone that we haven't actually seen in five years, only had talked to on the phone, has made a difference too.

I guess I am one of those weird friendship people. I don't have a big problem with picking up a friendship that was strong, but had been put on a back burner because of location or events, and then picking it up again when the time is right. Probably not a good thing to say about myself. I just know that I have people in my life that I value, love and enjoy - people that have moved in and out of a close sphere, but also that I know if they were to walk in the door they would be welcome and it would be as if the time hadn't passed. Oh maybe not a good explanation, but as I get older I think of how this has occurred on various levels.

This is also a place where I have come to visit with and without Jim so there are not so many 'triggers' here. There are some and one hit hard last night. I am feeling a bit of a release from it and that makes me calm this morning. I am in the guest room that we would stay in and looking up, thru the skylight I can remember our mornings of pleasure that we enjoyed here together, Jim's squeal when his feet his the cold, very cold tile floor of the bathroom and the away from it all feeling that we had here. This was a weekend stress release that was not far from our home, but away from it all.

Iain, the 11yr old, is about to start making me some eggs. He enjoyed cooking eggs and blueberry pancakes yesterday. And they were quite tasty. I am going to show him how to scramble them today. Ha, last time I spent time with this family, I taught Iain how to swim. Now he is on the swim team. Maybe next time I see them he will be on Top Chef!

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GD said...

Your thoughts about friendships rang so true for me, too. My relationshios with people come in all shapes and sizes. They each fit different niches in my life, and time matters little. It took me years to realize that I'm not a neglectful friend and valued by others. In fact, this week I'm seeing 2 people for the first time time in years. Clean air and a clearer head. Your writing is wonderful and I can smell those warm blueberry pancakes on my plate. Pass the syrup, please.