Thursday, September 20, 2007

Menopause the Musical!

Went to see Menopause the Musical tonight. My friend took me as a birthday present. It was a great time and some beautiful voices. I wish I could sing half as well as those women. The musical was a fun plot - 4 women meet in Bloomindales in NYC and realize though they are all very different they have one thing in common- Menopause. The change of life, involving hot flashes, saggy boobs, night sweats and a celebration of it all. The songs were great and they did some filking to 60's and 70's songs. Taking the tune and changing the lyrics to fit the theme. This was ironically appropriate since I turn 46 and some of the changes are starting to knock on my door. I am going to have to grab the cd and laugh some more. It will help on those days when I am feeling old and grumpy or saggy and sweaty.

Here are some lyrics I can definately relate to -

Heat Wave

I'm having a hot flash
A tropical hot flash
My personal summer is really a bummer
I'm having a hot flash.
Comes on like a car crash
No warning just hot flash
Outside it is nippy, but I'm hot and drippy
I'm having a hot flash

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