Friday, September 21, 2007

A tough moment

As I just blogged, I went to see Menopause the musical at the Hippodrome tonight. I was in the lobby and got a touch on my shoulder. "Hey, haven't seen you stopping in at the comic store lately" and I turned and there was one of the part timers from the comic store that Jim patronized. He usually was working on the days that Jim would go in and they would joke around together.

I looked at him and wasn't sure quite how to say it. I told him that Jim had passed away suddenly in May. He looked at me and went pale. I asked him hadn't the owner told him? He said No. I felt the hole in my chest open up. I then told him that it had been sudden, a heart attack.

I looked up at him standing there and I saw the tears in his eyes as he took it in and felt them in mine. He was saying he hadn't known and he was sorry and I just wanted to...well...I hugged him. He looked like he needed it. I mean, I don't really know him other than from the shop, but he was a enough of a friend of Jim's to feel some pain and needed that hug at that moment I think. It touched me. I don't think I have had to tell a friend about Jim's death like that. At least not since the first week or so.

It never gets easier.

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