Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tired today

A very emotional tuesday night.

Went to the first 'grief counseling group session'. There are 12 of us and we have all lost a spouse. We are all under 50. Some of us have children, some of us don't. Some lost a spouse after a long illness, some it was very sudden.

We have one thing in common, we all miss our spouse.

I came home from the session very very tired. I am still tired. I took a nap this afternoon after work and still am tired.

I have to thank my neighbors for feeding me. Last night it was a nice lady that I have said about 23 words to, but she invited me in for a bite. I was so tired then that I took her up on it. She told me how sorry she was and how she always liked Jim because he didn't mind doing things - things like just moving the car up a bit when she was trying to park or shovelling snow off her steps. That made me feel good. Because he did do those things.
Tonight dinner was next door and we had leg of lamb. A favorite of mine. I don't know if I would have cared if it was peanut butter and jelly, as long as I didn't need to make it, I didn't need to clean up after it and it wasn't a sub or a pizza. I think I am finally tired of them. Dinner was fun because I brought over coconut/pineapple ice cream and it was great after the lamb.

They are going to come over sunday afternoon and help me pack up some china and set up some photos on a shelf with Jim's urn. The help will be appreciated!

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