Sunday, July 8, 2007

Spots and Jim

I don't want to go to bed in a sad mood. So I am going to think about some fun memories with Jim and our dogs. We have Dalmatians. They are a lot of fun to own and can bring a lot of laughter to a household. You just have to remember that they want to be part of the household and will think of themselves as part of the family. Ours are.
Gryphon (Monkeyboy) Dal was our first Dalmatian. He was a puppy when he came to us and was our baby. Sweet and smart and unconditional love. This pic is Jim with both the rescues that came into our lives after we lost Gryphon. Mercury and Tigger. They came to us at about the same time but from opposite ends of the state and both in need of a stable home.
Jim being a tv watching kind of guy would settle on the couch and watch Futurama, Simpsons, Smallville or maybe pop a movie in to watch. The dogs would decide that he was part of the couch and thus sit on his lap. It was a given that at some point during the settling in, a paw would hit a spot on that is not a good spot to hit on a man. Yelps from both dog and man could be heard. For a guy not used to having a dog, Jim got used to them pretty quick and was a wonderful 'dad' for them. Again with the dog and Jim sleeping together on the couch thing. I think Merc was trying to stretch out like Jim was.
This is Tigger or Tripod as my Dad likes to call her. She was supposed to just be a 'foster' dog but after some weeks at our house recuperating from her amputated leg, Jim decided she had to stay with us. Jim was the one that would go into her recovery room, sit with her and read comics or just listen to the stereo while she snuggled around him.
One thing that Jim never denied the dogs was a good playmate. He loved to get down on the floor or out in the yard and wrestle with them. Both he and the dogs would get worked up and so excited. It made for some fun times. Jim would be the main one to take the dogs for walks. He loved to walk Mercury and I think it was because Tigger wanted to explore everything while Merc was a better listener as they walked and Jim talked. He would tell me how on the walks he would work things out in his head and come back to explain them to me.
Jim never denied the dogs anything they might need. In Boston we were in need of a fence for the yard. Well, Jim started at the beginning of the summer and dug holes, poured concrete and set it in motion. He would be digging, hit a rock and pull it out, usually they were pretty big ones. He said we could probably build a stone fence like John Adams did. The fence got finished and it was wonderful. Hard work but well worth it for the freedom it gave our dogs.
One thing that we were both in tune about was no dogs in the bedroom. I am not sure who brought it up first, but we both agreed. No dogs (or dog hair) in the upstairs. I know many people that sleep with their dogs or have them in their bedroom. Neither of us wanted that and I am glad we both felt the same way.
Being a dog lover, this attribute was something I looked for in a partner. I didn't really have a dog or cat when I met Jim, nor did he. But his first anniversary gift to me was a small grey kitten we called Shadow. Shadow was a long haired puff of smoke. He was the pet that we could have in an apartment. I was touched that Jim got him and he did it realizing that I wanted something to love....besides him.
Shadows partner in crime came about a year later. Figaro, a black cat with what I called a tuxedo front. White chest and white on his paws to look like a shirt and gloves. Figaro was the teeniest tiniest kitten I had seen. Jim got him from a shelter where they put Jim in a 'kitten room' and let him pick one out. He said he went in, sat down and all the kittens ran away to hide. Except for Fig. Figaro not only didn't run away, but he run UP to Jim and crawling up his arm to settle on his shoulder. They have been buddies every since then.
Maybe in another post, I will tell you about how Jim got Shadow to bite me in the ass (I have the scar) and Jim wasn't even in the building at the time.
I am smiling now, so I am glad I took the time to think of a good Jim memory.


Anonymous said...

It was to soon for Jim to leave you but obviously he was a caring soul and god needed him to care for all the other animals, especially those needy dals in heaven. Thank you for allowing me to get to know Jim.

I am glad you smiled tonight. Remember that you are loved by those dearly departed and those still walking this great planet.


Anonymous said...

I just love to read your blog about Jim...even though I didn't know him, I can see what a great, caring, gentle man he was. I love the picture of him with the dals on the look soooo comfy. Keeping you in my prayers.

Cheryl.......Dal Pals (fightin049)