Monday, July 9, 2007

Darn that Barry Manilow!

Darn Barry Manilow is right.
"I can't smile without you."
Nope, I can't.
That darn song. I am going to put the mix of classical CD's on.
Manilow. Bleh. What was I thinking?

Sunrise in New England


Donna said...


Yep - I remember it being hard to listen to songs on the radio with words. I would start off to work in the morning and by the time I got their my eyes would be swollen.

Your sunrise in New England picture has made me homesick. I grew up in RI and lived their most of my life. I don't miss the winter but I do miss the shellfish, especially clamcakes and quahogs with melted butter and RI clam chowder (just broth, now cream or tomato).


Ginger D said...

Jeez, Betsy. You really know how to torture youself - I mean - Barry Manilow!?! You need to shake that boy out of head and hug the dogs real hard. Butch and I had a few rules, and one of them was he would'nt play John Prine while I was home. Later on though, we'd end up doing a conga line, through the the house, to Bob Marley. Music is soulful - chock full of emotions. I could'nt live without it. But, Barry Manilow - CHECK, PLEASE!

Betts4 said...

Sorry GD...I like Manilow...well most of the time. Eh, I am a strange one.

Donna, I love sunrises and sunsets capturing that moment of perfect stillness as it envelopes the world. And I miss the winters in new england.