Monday, July 2, 2007

Join in, Remember Jim

I began this blog as a way to write down and think out emotions and in doing so handle my grief. But also, it was a way for me to record some Jim stories. Remembrances of him and his life. Things I just didn't want to forget about this special guy. The fun and sappy, the quirky and intense, Jimbo remembered.

So I ask you - Jim's friends and family - when you read this, write a few remembrances in the comment section. Maybe some from long ago and maybe some from a couple months ago. I would appreciate it and it will make me smile a little. Maybe a little selfish of me, but for a good cause - Jim.

Jim touched many people and that was evident at his service. I don't think he even realized that he had reached so many. I can recall some stories, but have heard others I had never known about and some I had forgotten. Those are great. And if you can't think of anything when you read can always come back and add to it.


Bismo said...

Once or twice Jim brought up the idea of us going out to a karaoke bar together... we never did. I regret that!

Anonymous said...

Seeing Jim in his Batman costume at his friends Halloween party. He was happy (read a little toasted) and dancing as Adam West did in the show from the 60's. He was into it, had all the moves and it was fun!

sonya said...

I've only met Jim twice. The 1st time, I was the silly one, dressed up like a Dalmatian with a homeless Dal on the end of my leash. I took the dog to a shopping center to try to get him some exposure and maybe find him a home (or at the very least give him a fun field trip). Jim came out of the store where he was working & met me & the dog. Sometimes you can just tell a person is a good person right from the first meeting. The 2nd time we met, he was going to help Betsy with transporting a needy dal northward. Thanks Jim; Jewel has found her forever home & you helped.