Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dental Plan

"Dental Plan...dental plan...dental plan"

I keep hearing this quote from a Simpsons episode. In the episode it is repeated in Homers head over and over as he struggles with choices for the workers union. It's one of Jim and my favorite episodes (remember Burns posed as the Grinch?) So I hear this in my head then get the tightness of the chest, drop in the stomach that reminds me Jim is gone and I must close my eyes.

All it took was an innocent thing such as signing up for Health Insurance to set this pain off. Why? How? well, I have learned that there is often a 'trigger' and it can be anything. Sight, sound (remember manilow?) hearing something or just a situation that reminds me of my past life. The life with Jim. (LWJ?)

Using the 'dental plan' as an example there is a chain of thoughts/snapasis in the brain/whatever that start with -
Health insurance = choosing a dental plan = remembering the Simpsons episode= the part with the voice in Homers head saying dental plan over and over = eharing Jim's laughter = rememberin Jim's gone = no more laughter = then pop the pain. Such an innocent thing that can trigger it all, and it is all in a split second.

I am shaking my head at the wonder of the connection between human emotions and human brain.

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