Saturday, July 7, 2007

Brain power

I am not sure if I blogged about this before, but I am happy to say I have found my missing necklaces.

There were two necklaces, both from our trip to the V.I. that were MIA. I thought that I had put them in a box that I took with me to my Dad just after Jim died. (jim died? no, no, he is just out for the day. He will be back in awhile) When I got back home, got unpacked and such, they were not in any of the luggage. I have scoured the house for a them. I did find the box I was thinking they were in, but not the necklaces.

I woke up this morning and said 'Okay, help me find them. Someone help me find my necklaces. Someone UP THERE help me find them." I went down and had some breakfast and turned on the only good tv there is on a Saturday morning - Leave it to Beaver - and got laundry started.

Thinking about how I found the other item a couple weeks ago (which I can't remember what it was now, but may fill in the gap later) I started very methodically looking at every purse and bag that I may have taken to my Dad's. I had thought I had done this already....but I missed a small zippered pocket that was part of another pocket, and low and behold...there they were!!!

I started crying with relief, said "Thank you" and "Thank you for helping me have the brain power to think it out" and "Thank you, thank you, thank you", oh about a million times. I rubbed the box that Jim's ashes are in and cried over them and it was just a sadly joyous time. The necklaces mean a lot because besides the two from V.I. there was also the sterling silver heart that Jim gave me for our 8th anniversary.

What a morning. This sounds so trivial as I write it out, but the MIA's have been in the back of my mind for weeks now. Thinking about them everyday and where they may be. I know I had looked in that purse before, but missed the small pocket. Ironically, I probably put them there to be safe. Well, they were.

Just to have something that was a gift from Jim. The man I love. It's a special thing. To know that he looked at it, was thinking of me, picked it out for me, that makes it very special. They are a comfort item. Like when I wear his watch or I have his wedding band on my right hand. These let me hold him to my heart for a little bit.

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CarolChretien said...

Still here...still reading...still sending you hugs.