Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Other side of Jim

I am rubbing my hands together here. Bwahahaahaa. We all have these shots of our partners. Those ones we hope no one will see. Well, these photos are Jim NOT at his best - that was his opinion. However, he is still awfully cute and adorable looking in them.

These next two are faves because they are all Jim. The first one is Jim up in NH at our friends. The two kids and Jim are stretched out on the couch watching Saturday morning cartoons. The kids are now in High School and Middle school. My how the years have passed.

Dr Jimbo was always a fun guy to have around. Doctor Childs could heal a wound with a kiss or melt your heart with his eyes.....

And once again we return to, the smiling Jim. Just can't get away from that grin.

This was taken in our first year of marriage. I think Jim had gone for a job interview (hence the jacket and red power tie).

And here is a great one of Jim and I on our way to go skiing with our NH friends. Boy don't we just look like a couple of snow hounds.
Jim never made it off the bunny slope. He had never been skiing before and I was smart, took a good book, some cash and stayed by the fireplace with a mudslide near me for most of the day.

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