Thursday, June 28, 2007

Forgetting things...important things

I can't remember the song. I can't even remember the singer, the band or what year it came out. I do remember - its a male singer, it is a love song, it has something to do with fire and walking in the sand? or walking on the beach at sunset and the color of her hair?

I am frustrated because this is one of those songs that Jim would play and sing to me in the car and say 'this reminds him of me'. And he would smile when he said that, he would cararess my cheek or touch my hair and I would feel his love.

Now I can't find the frigging song. David bowie? Bon jovi? Not one of the regulars that I listen to like Billy Joel or such.

So this is why I started this blog. To remember Jim and to force myself to remember the important things. Maybe this isn't a real important thing, but I don't want to not hear this song ever again.....

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Anonymous said...

Help us to help you find this song. You said it's a male singer. Is it a group or an individual? You said you don't know what year. Do you know what decade? You said it's a love song. Is it a ballad? Was it a song that got played on the radio? Do you remember anything about the rest of the album? Do you remember the cover? Who did Jim like that you didn't really know (besides the Beatles)? Any other lyrics that you can recall?