Tuesday, June 19, 2007

monday night in front of the tv

on the couch, i half close my eyes
i feel your jeans and thigh beneath me
stroking with fingertips the spot you last sat

a whisper of your scent
a vision of your voice
the smile, the laugh, the joy

wishing to see you in my dreams
knowing you are not here anymore
learning to live in the emptiness

to live without you is to miss you
days go slow, time stands still
love, anger, hurt, sadness

seeing your face in the photos
i touch a cheek that is just paper
remembering your love
relishing in all that is around me of you


horatiofrog said...

Wow. I imagine after death there's a vast hole where once someone we love once stood. This poem really reflects that, Betts. It's good. :)

jenny48188 said...

very touching, betts.