Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just another Saturday

Tattoo thoughts. Yep, I want to get a tattoo. I want to get a small Superman S symbol. Like the one he had on his bicep, only way smaller. My friend Robin came over last night and we talked about it. Now I have Superman S's on various parts of my body. Left breast, left shoulder, inside the wrist, high on the right thigh....I look pretty funny. We were testing the spots to see which one do I like the best and which one works the best. I really wanted it over my heart, but because of age my breast is a bit...well....droopy. Not good. But maybe the tat artist will have an idea. I haven't even figured out where I am going yet.

A wonderful letter came in the mail today. From the National Eye donor Assoc. "Two people that were blind, can now see thanks to the donation Jim gave of his corneas for surgery".

I thought that was awesome. Jim would love it. I won't know who they are but I may see someone and say "hey you look familiar" - ala Warren Beatty and Heaven Can Wait or that older version I can't remember the title to....

Sigh. If only life was a movie.

I am wandering a bit here but I think that is good. Haven't hit any really low times today, but I haven't been by myself for long either.

Cleaned up the front office today. It had to be done. Things had just been piling up there and even though I have tons of clothes, they have to be washed eventually. Our friend Regina came over the assist in this. We went out to eat and sat and talked for a long time. I think it helped her as much as me.

I did find some of Jim's dress pants and that was rough. I really am okay until I see his clothes. I know that these things are things that touched his body and I just want to touch them. So, I am wearing his shirts and feeling calmer.

This artwork was done by a friend of mine. I have never met him, but he is a LOST fan and we share a messageboard. Johnlocke108. We have discussed LOST for a couple years now and it has been fun. He knew about Jim's love for Superman and created this.

Johnlocke108 - Thank you!

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