Friday, June 29, 2007

A Dream

I just woke up and am writing this down off the top of my head. Probably better than thinking it out.

I finally had a dream about Jim....sort of. I haven't had one in the month that he has been gone. In fact, I only had one dream that I could remember. And that bothers me. I like my dreams.

So, I went to bed thinking to myself "dream about Jim, dream about Jim, dream about Jim' and it worked....almost.

I was in a van with my friend Melissa from NH. We were on our way to a craft type show and she was takng some stuff. I remember the moments prior to getting in the car as sort of a run around and grab things - clocks and such.

We are coming up to an intersection in some city with buildings in it. On the corner is a building so close the doors are almost next to the street.

Jim crosses in front of the van and we are about to hit him. He is halfway past the van when I see him. The side of his face - sort of - and back of his head. I gasp and grab the door handle. Melissa slides to a stop and Jim just keeps walking. Red hawaiin shirt on, jeans, same body style and same hairstyle. Only as he gets to the curb I realize that it really isn't Jim. Just a guy that looks like him. Jim never owned an hawaiin shirt of that pattern. The guy walks into the building. I never do see his face.

I start sobbing and Melissa asks me why. When I tell her, it wasn't really Jim, she just starts handing me tissues.

I wake up and the dogs start barking and reality sets in.

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