Monday, September 6, 2010


Trying not to get too excited.

Trying not to go out and go crazy buying stuff.

Trying not to think to hard whether this was the right or wrong thing to do.

On Saturday night somewhere around midnight or maybe one a.m. I was cruising Facebook and saw this picture.

A Dalmatian in a kill shelter in NC. She is young, but not sure how young or old. She was to be put to sleep on wednesday. She needed help. A friend posted this and I took one look, debated with myself for a moment and then send him a note saying "I'll take her as a foster". She didn't even have a name. Just F5804. I told my friend her new name is Zoey.

Since then we have contacted a Dalmatian Dog Rescue group down there and they are getting her out on tuesday to go to the vets. She will stay there for check-up and shots and testing for various things like heartworm and such.

She will then be transported via friends from NC up here to me.

Jim and I did this sort of thing for over five years when we lived in the Boston area. I loved it and he always seemed ready for anything I threw at him. Once, driving home from here to Boston I called to tell him of a pick up. A Dal in a shelter in NJ (just off 95). He picked her up, brought her home and then told me that she sat almost on his lap the whole time she was so excited to be out of the shelter and around a human (or so he said).

My nervousness is that I am not sure how Tigger will take it and there is nthing really known about the dog and how she will react to another dog or if she is even housebroken or trained in anyway. I am thinking Tigger will be okay, she will want to be Queen Bee, but I also think she is lonely after losing Mercury and Figaro.

Updates will follow as I learn more!


lisa said...

Its good that you are moving forward and taking things on faith. I think change is good in our situation. Good luck with the pup.

Sharon said...

I can't say that I'm totally surprised, Betsy....a dalmation is not the only thing that doesn't "change its spots." I commend you for having such an open heart and home attitude, especially not knowing everything about the dog. Granted, your previous pet owner experience and the breed itself speak highly for you. Blessings on your week!

Rach said...

Oh I hope this works out for you. You have a kind and loving spirit and soul, Betsy. Jim is smiling at you, you know. :o)

Saschi said...

i just found your blog. its beautiful! and the fact that you took this sweet soul in... god bless your sweet heart! this touches me beyond words. i will be following your blog now.... you are a beautiful soul and i want the best for you and your new baby Zoey.
It'll be okay honey! I promise!

Saschi said...

i just commented on your blog but i think i lost it. oh... sigh... well, anyway, i love your blog! i just found it by accident. and your new baby Zoey is such a beautiful soul! God has sent Zoey to you! God bless you and your life ahead! It'll be okay. Give kisses to Zoey!

yoborobo said...

I came over here from Saschi & Squee. I think it's great that you are taking this dog home. Look at that face! It will work out, and you are saving a life. Glad I stopped by! :)) Pam

Linda said...

Has Zoey arrived yet? How is Tigger handling it? I wish I could foster...but my cats said "absolutely not!" At 17 years old, they get what they wnat.

Saschi said...

hows it going with zoey?! let us know! i'm so happy for you! your blog is beautiful!

Saschi said...

your blog is so beautiful! how is it going with zoey? let us know!

By Way of Salem said...

I saw your blog through a friend, Saschi - another animal lover and rescuer - as am I. Bless your heart for seeing that sweet face (Zoey) and taking her in. You did a wonderful thing!
And yes, things will all turn out well. You sound, through your posts as if you are dealing quite well and are keeping Jim's memory alive through all you do everyday. Good for you! WE're all here for you! Take care, Jeannine