Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today has been a symphony of moments. A moment to get addresses for holiday cards and another moment to address and lick them. All done to the beat of the little drummer boy or the ho ho ho up on the rooftops. Another moment to grab something to eat echoed by the groan when I saw the parking ticket on the car after dinner. A rush here and a rush there and there a rush and everywhere a rush because it's beginning to look a lot like a holiday. The music is louder here where the wrapping paper is drowning out the sound of the cat leaping in and out of the boxes and the dog eyeing the christmas cookie. It all swirls and swooshes into a thursday the likes of which we have never seen.


thorny said...

Sounds like a lot of "fun" on your guests arrive today, so I was up and organizing, cleaning, wrapping and a Walmart run at 6 a.m. --- and am hoping I get a whole bunch more accomplished when I leave work at noon -- YAHOO!

Rach said...

Wrapping paper?!?!? You're ahead of me. :sigh: