Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grandmother, me?

Oh my, what news.

Jim's daughter, my stepdaughter, is about to have a baby. That would make me a Grammy. Or a step Grandma. I never imagined this day would come. And I am so very sorry that Jim is not alive to enjoy it. He would have been a wonderful Grandfather. He loved children - maybe because he was able to reach into his inner child and connect with them.

My relationship with my stepchildren was tenuous at best while Jim was still alive. It has been non-existant (and not a surprise) since his death. His relationship with them was wonderful until the divorce. Then it slid downhill, as I saw, it was because of his ex-wife and her influence. Both Jim and I were very happy when his daughter reconnected with him about 5 years ago. He met with her and they got to know each other as adults.

Last week my cellphone did a systems update and it retrieved phone numbers from my old contact list. This meant I had many numbers doubled and some I had deleted show up again. Jim's daughter was one of those. On the 29th I called her to let her know I was thinking about her, and how I still had some of Jim's ashes set aside for her. She responded on the 30th with an email that gave me her address and the news of the baby to come in just a couple weeks.

Oh my, what a wild high I was on that day. A grandmother!!! Kind of, sort of. I know I won't be involved a lot in the baby's life, but I can at least visit and see him/her and maybe ask for some pictures thru the years. I would love to see how much of Jim's genes are peeking out.


Linda said...

That's awesome, Betts! Being a grandma is such a joy, so I hope that Jims daughter lovingly lets you into that club.

Rach said...

What wonderful news. I'm happy your step-daughter was willing to return your call. Maybe she's interested in a future relationship with you. Grandparents are SO important in a child's life, wouldn't it be amazing if you could be in it? :o)