Sunday, April 5, 2009


It was a very pretty Sunday. That sort of spring on the edge of summer day. I spent the morning making a list of all the things I needed to do around the house. Then, when it came to do them I opted for a couple hours in the backyard on the bench with a dog and a book. The time spent outside was calming and enjoyable in that I could rub Mercury's ears with one hand and hold my book with the other. I am reading a series known as the "southern vampires" that is about a southern woman and her vampire boyfriend. It came out before Twilight and there is a series of the books now. It is a murder mystery series that has the twist of vampire in it.

Sometimes you just need a day like that. It doesn't happen often, but that makes it all the more appreciated.

I went out this afternoon to get my hair trimmed. I am horrible at keeping it under control or 'in style'. When it grows out to a certain point I whack at it myself till I can't stand what I do to it and then I stalk off to the stylist. Today's stylist took a bit too much off. I guess it is good for the summer and it will grow back, but really it was at a length that I was liking and I only wanted a trim for god's sake. Sigh.

The search for what to wear on Easter Sunday to church is on. I am horrible at picking things like this out and am even worse at finding stuff that fits. In my mind, I think of myself about 4 sizes smaller than I really am. This makes it tough. I would love to go on one of those extreme makeover shows. Get the lipo for my belly and arms, the teeth reconstruction and a nose job. I guess I have to start trying on skirts and shoes to see which ones still fit. Another sigh there.

Today was an awakening more than ever before that the warm months are coming. I had windows and door open and was airing the house to get the winter smell out of the place. Out with the old, in with the new.

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Rach said...

I'm jealous of your day on the bench with the book and Merc. I was working my patootie off and only wanted to sit and enjoy the day. :o)

I think of myself as a size 12 and I'm SOOOO not anymore. :sigh: I go for skirts and tops as that combo is far more flattering on me.

I'm sorry about your hair. I hate it when they whack off too much. Jessie's pretty good about not doing that as she has to live with my whining and complaining until it's back where I like it. ;o)

I wonder if our dissatisfaction with our appearance has something to do with spring and the rebirth of everything? I only suggest that because I've been in the same mode lately and I guess I'm frustrated because I'm not "refreshed" as the grass, trees and flowers are. I'm still just plain old me. Hm.