Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring forward

It is the Spring Forward day. I like that better than the lose an hour description. Spring forward sounds happier. Glass half fullish. However, it does make tomorrow come a little quicker.

My plan tomorrow is to help a good friend unpack at the new apartment. She moved today and wanted some company as she set things up. She has helped me and Jim with our move from Boston to here so I am glad I can help back. It is what friends do for each other.

I have had help from many friends these past couple years and it is appreciated. There are times when just knowing that the friends are there has helped me get through painful moments when all was very bleak. Let alone, being able to call them if the painful moment gets too painful and hear another human voice.

Sharing some of the fun in life with friends has been very important too. I am happy when I hear the laughter from others and in turn I get to laugh. I especially like it when it is humor that I spread, a joke or comment that I made and that someone actually 'got'.

Today was one of those nice warm days that got me energized. It sounds like I have been doing nothing but cleaning, but if you look around the house you won't notice it. It is just that so much needed to be done, that doing what I have has made a difference to me. You know, when you find that laundry basket in the closet that has shirts in it you haven't seen in a couple months and don't remember how it got there, but when you wash them it is just great to have the shirts back.

Walking the dogs tonight was pleasant. They were revved up because it was still 60 degrees or so and they listened well when I was calling them. Just seeing them run across the field is a pleasure.

Going to bed calm and relaxed for a change.

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Rach said...

Ahhh, Happy Spring Forward Day indeed. :o) Nice way to look at it. :o)

I hope today was wonderful for you. :o)