Friday, February 6, 2009

Matchstick legs and 9 red trucks

What a memory rush. I was going thru old emails and found some I wrote to a friend. This first one I sent to her on May 14, 2007. Just 15 days before Jim's death. There are three total and they go back in time newest to oldest. I read these and laughed and cried at the memory of that 'other life' I had.

I wanted to tell you the fun we had yesterday. You will get a kick out of this. Jim and I went up to Walmarts. Boy did they love us there. Spent about 300.00 and most of it was on clothes.

Jim has a new job and is stressed out to the max. He has been working at this US Postal station as a supervisor and as the newest of three, he is getting the butt end of the supervisors job. Soooo, we went to the Walmart to get kitty litter, fly traps and some dvd sleeves for the notebooks.

Ha ha. I tell you, he went wild and got a couple dress shirts for the summer, 2 dvd movies, some new sandals, some new around the house slippery type shoes, a new watch w/light so he can see it at night and most amazing....a pair of shorts. Shorts you say? well, Jim hasn't worn shorts in the summer I don't remember when. He wore them when he got home and looked very cute. Matchstick legs and white as a ghost. But he said he was comfortable so that is good.

I was very good at Walmart and only got a couple things - and they were on the clearance racks! I will say that for spending the money, Jim has worked for it. His job (as I was saying earlier before I got distracted with men in shorts) has been working him from 9am till 9 or 10 pm. 6 days a week for the last two weeks. That means almost 30 hours overtime. After his normal 40hrs. He is exhausted and wants to just lay down. But he keeps on going. He is a fighter. So, we went shopping for him.


And another email to my friend this one dated october 30th 2006

I saw that you called and I tried to call back but just got your voicemail.

Jim and I had our usual Sunday ride. We like to go for a ride out of the city about once a month, sometimes more - just to get away from it all.

We piled into the truck, hook up the iPod and drove up 83 north towards PA. You know as much as I loved being in NH with you, I really want to live in PA someday. Anyway we got to see some muted Fall leaves and enjoy the fall air. After a bit we turned off of 83 north and went onto the adventure of the smaller country roads. This is always the part I love. It's why visiting you is so much fun.

To look at the country houses, some very old, some from the 60 and 70's and some very new McMansions. To see the horses grazing in the fields and the lines of white fences. Maryland is a horse country state. We also had the fun of getting a little lost. I say a little because we knew from the where the sun was in the sky that we were heading in the right direction - just taking the long way to get there. It made it much more fun.

Jim was singing both BeeGees and Toby Keith and I was belting out Donna Summer and Footloose and some Meatloaf. Mostly off key, but still with enthusiasm.We did get to stop and pick up some pumpkins at a roadside stand. We saw within two miles of a group of houses no less than nine red trucks. Different brands and ages, but all red. Oh Sandy we laughed because we were in a red truck too. I guess red is a good truck color.

We went over two bridges, over the same river, only at different spots and going two different directions. Saw 17 scarecrows hanging in various parts of the yards and in various degrees of realism and decoration. Guess scarecrows are a natural Halloween decoration out in the countryland. Oh and ask Jim about the getting lost and not caring. We had fun with that today.

Came home, made some popcorn and watched Wrath of Khan. Hadn't seen that without commercials in awhile.All in all, it was a good day. I think the dogs were mad because they didn't go with us, but we took them for a long walk and they are collapsed at our feet.

Things are looking good for a drive up there maybe sometime in the summer. If you come down this way let us know.


And just one more, this one was dated January 18th, 2006 - a lifetime ago.

I am glad to hear you had a good week and that Michael and Jake are feeling better. I hate when everyone in the house is sick at once.

Last night here it was great. We sat cuddled up on the couch, with the dogs on either side of us. Jim and I were watching tv - Smallville then the 24 episode we had been saving to watch. Thank you for telling us about Tivo!

You know, all we needed was some hot chocolate and popcorn to make it really perfect - of course, neither hot chocolate or popcorn would last with mercury or tigger there. It would be spilled or have to be held way up high and then eaten a little at a time and they would be wagging tails and drooling and whining for some. And Jim would have given it to them.

So we enjoyed a couple hours of cuddling and warm bodies and our favorite tv characters in high tension situations and that was good enough. I know Michael watches Smallville, what does he think of it this season?

Well, it was a nice night. And as usual, the dishes didn't get done last night. Nope, the trash was not taken out. We just allieviated ourselves from the daily drudgerys. Wheeee! that was fun, but it wasn't fun this morning when I did them. Oh well. You have to pay the price.

At your place we could have been watching the fire and the tv. Here we were just staring at the tv - and it was right where the fireplace is. Only the fireplace doesnt work - all closed off. If we had the money and were going to redecorate, I would take the mantle out and build an entertainment center there instead - shelves for dvds and tape and components and tivos and recorders. I keep sitting there and imagining it. I just can't get Jim to take the plunge and take the mantle down.

Oh Mercury and Tigger were pretty happy. They got to lay up on the couch with mommy and daddy. They love that and each pick one of us to cuddle to and then they have to decide the other is having it better and switch. Like normal kids, just as the show got exciting they decided it was time to play tug of war right in front of the tv. I thought of Jake and his 'must have a juicy cup' routine and told it to Jim. What a hoot that kid is. He keeps you on your toes I know.

All the rest of our life is pretty about normal. Jim has a long commute, I have a short one. We both enjoy our jobs and I still want to move. Oh well. What will be will be.


Sharon said...

Ahhhh, email-land. I know it seems like the last few years have been grinding by -- and at other times passing at light speed.

I'm so glad you saved those emails, and were able to laugh and cry and remember over them -- mostly I'm thankful for your friends, Betsy. Have a great weekend,

Betts4 said...

Wow, rereading the post this morning I hit on the last paragraph of the first email and remember his exhaustion and attempt to do well. I hope that job wasn't what pushed his poor heart over the edge. But in retrospect, it may have pushed him to far. The last bit just reminded me of all the stress of those last two months. His brother dying in March, the new really stressful job and the long commute.

I am sorry he took it, but we thought it was an answer and it was something he wanted....till he got in there and was getting beaten. Even then, we saw the way out - his transfer, but weren't give the time to reach it.

Rach said...

Ahh, that life before. That perfect life we can never again have.

But, what fun memories, nonetheless. I can just see you two in Walmart, or tooling down the road belting out those tunes. :o)

Thank you for sharing those memories. I'm sorry the first email also brought back some less than wonderful memories for you as well.