Friday, February 13, 2009

The Doppler effect

My friend Thomas came over tonight to help make a vision into a reality. I am going this weekend to a Star Trek convention. While there I will be guest hosting a panel that will discuss a new tv show. The Big Bang Theory. It is a fun show about guys that are smart and geeky. That collect comics and action figures and go to cons.
In one episode they all attend a Halloween party. Sheldon is a super smart, yet bad in public social situations geek. His costume was The Doppler Effect. A series of white stripes on a black shirt and the impression of them getting wider and thus louder. No one at the party seems to get it and thinks he is a zebra. His persistance in the validity of his costume made it special because as a movie/convention going geek, I have worn many a costume that maybe only I got. But it didn't matter, the costumes were still appreciated by the fans around me.

Here is Sheldon and his Doppler Effect costume from the show.

My version is just a shirt (I couldn't copy the pants) and not quite so many stripes, but I am very proud of it. I didn't do much more then think of it and get Thomas to help me. I baked him cookies while he put stripes on the shirt. It came out great. I will be interested to see if any recognizes me tomorrow....of if they all think I am a zebra.



Rach said...

The Doppler Effect. LOVE it! :o)

Enjoy your time at the Con, Betsy. I bet your talk will be fantastic! :o)

Sharon said...

I resisted the Big Bang Theory for awhile...thinking from the previews that it would be filled with sexual innuendos and situations like "Two and a Half Men," which I do not watch.

Anyway, I loved Big Bang Theory because geek diaglogue is funny -- they do show the humor of their "obsessions" (particularly Sheldon)

Have lots of fun at the convention or conference -- here's hoping that someone gets your costume -- and I'm thankful for your friend's help.

Blessings on your weekend

Lynnbug said...

Great job! I think the shirt looks great!

Louwiif said...

Hello! I'm thinking of making my own doppler effect costume and was wondering how you made your own? What did you use for the stripes? It looks very nice!



Betts4 said...

louwiff -
I went simple. I used a plain black tee-shirt. I used some white linen material that I cut into strips and a friend and I used fabric glue to adhere the strips. He did the measuring for the stripes and 90% of the work, I was just the technical advisor. One thing that helped was ironing the material before adhering it. That made it lay flat.
It was done in an evening, but it was a long evening. I didn't have the inclination then to do a whole outfit so I wore a long sleeved black teeshirt under it and black jeans and black shoes. I had fun making the 'wwhhzrrr' noise as I moved my head.
Not many people got it, even at a con, but it was fun for the ones that did get it without my prompting.
Good luck!

Betts4 said...

I was curious to find out how you saw the shirt, and then realized you used the magic of google. It was neat to see my shirt in there amongst the other images. Seeing it I realize we should have made the lines thinner and I should continue it onto pants, but that can still be done.

Julien said...

You can get it here, the author made it with transfer paper