Sunday, February 1, 2009

billy joel and william shatner

While talking with some friends next door we discussed singers and concerts we have seen. I was reminded of the concert to see Billy Joel in Boston back in '98 or '99 (?).

Jim got tickets as surprise, he knew how much both of us enjoyed Billy Joel and it was a great present. Neither of us are concert goers and as some different and something very we could appreciate it was a great choice.

Billy Joel was fantastic.

We went to the Fleet Center in Boston and had dinner before we got there. Some of the fun was found in going to the Center, getting settled in our seats and watching the preshow fun. Then to see Billy Joel come out on stage and to hear him perform all of our favorites, well, that was just amazing. We had no problem standing and cheering at the end.

Suprises like this were something that Jim was very good at. He loved to plan them out. When we were dating he took to see William Shatner speak. He didn't tell me where we were going. It was another one of those moments when things clicked in my head and I knew I didn't want to let him go.

There was the time I was training a new manager up in Boston (before we moved there) and was staying at a hotel for 3 weeks. Jim showed up for a surprise weekend visit. He arranged everything and it was very sweet. He said it was because he was tired of his own cooking. Ha. He told me that he made a huge bowl of tunafish and ate that for a week and then a huge bowl of spaghetti and ate that for a week. And I can see that. He would often have food binges. Not binges like over eating, but rather where he would eat the same thing for two or three days in a row.

There were the little surprises like the flowers he would come home with on friday afternoons. For no reason other then it was friday. On the flip side, I know there were things I did for him as pleasant surprises, but none come to mind right now. I guess he could remember some if he was asked.

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Sharon said...

What thoughtful gestures...and they've remained with you as sweet memories.

This past Christmas, my daughter and grandson were not able to join us for the holiday...and she was saddened by that - so, I bought a l-a-r-g-e musical Charlie Brown Christmas card (imagine Hark the Herald Angels sing) and had all the family members write and note and sign their names. Not only did my grandson enjoy opening the card again and again...but it showed my daughter how much she was loved -- and it brought the 'right' type of tears to her eyes ;)

I didn't show up in person, but I did sacrifice so my son could spend Christmas with his sister in her home. Have a blessed week, Betsy!