Monday, December 1, 2008


I would like to print this blog out - if anyone reading has any suggestions on how to do this - please comment. I am not looking to print it as a self published book, what I have seen online (blog 2 print) makes that too expensive (unless there is a cheaper way) But maybe a way to reformat it to make it print friendly so I could print it out myself.

Oh, I am trying new formats within the Blogger world to see what may be better for printing.



Rach said...

Have you checked into I don't think they're quite as expensive as some other places.

Good luck!

I hope you had a peaceful Thanksgiving--i'll read down to see. HUGS!

Peak Art said...

I too was going to suggest blurb. I haven't done it yet though. The upload is suppose to be simple and there are tons of options. If I do it I will let you know. Visa versa?