Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jim in action

Jim in Motion. The following pics are from various events. Some were taken of Jim when he wasn't expecting it so he wasn't 'posing' for them.

He played Auctioneer for our cinema club and had a blast trying to get members to bid on various items.

The next set were taken at a family reunion touch football game. Jim is there in the dark blue shirt with tan shorts. Trying to out run those two girls.

A pass is being tossed his way, and my brother is yelling "go long!"

He is running for it.

Caught and he slides down onto the ground.

At our cinema club, this was taken before they knew it.

This was taken when they knew it - and then retaken - thanks to Jim and that bunny ear thing he does. Some time I have to do a post filled with just Jim giving people bunny ears in the pics. There are a lot of shots like that.

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Rach said...

I have to LOL about Jim and the bunny ears. My Papa and Uncle Steve were just the same. I tell ya, those three have found each other and are wreaking all sorts of havoc. ;oP