Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesdays and such

Today was a pretty busy day on several levels. At work it was good to get a project finished and two more started. At home it was good to finally hang curtains. At the computer it was good to get some accounts moved from one email address to another.

I spoke to my stepmom for a few minutes tonight and we were talking about our men that were gone. I mentioned that it was Jim's birthday yesterday and that I may have been the only one that remembered. She said that was how it was for my Dad's (her husband) birthday just a couple weeks ago. I told her how it seems that pretty much from now on these special days that were shared, will be just ours and we have to hold onto our memories. She said she knew I would understand and it made me sad to know that I do. We made a date to go to dinner at Outback, both Jim and my Dad's favorite place for birthday gatherings.

My little brother turned 43 today. He is four years younger than I am, all the siblings are 4 years apart, there are 4 of us and my parents were 4 years apart. So, he is 43 today and I am 38. Yep and he is 4 years younger than me. Enough said!

Here is my Dad, me and my brother. And our family dog Red. Sometime in early 1970?

Here is my Dad and my brother 35 years or so later.


Sharon said...


From the way you have described your dad...and his pictures, he must have been quite the personality.. and that chef's hat and apron are priceless.

I'm so glad that you loved and appreciated (and still do) your family -- and that you enjoy the memories of your childhood and family times.

Rach said...

Another traveler on the journey through grief. How blessed you are to have your stepmother with you and know that she gets it too. How sorrowful either of you are on the road. :o(

As always, I LOVE your photos! :o) Your family photos are all so precious. :o)