Monday, October 20, 2008

October 20th

Happy Birthday Jim.

You would have been 55 today. This was a year you were looking forward to for a couple of reasons. You may have been the only one I knew that would be looking forward to reaching this age. Your games with asking about 'senior' discounts would prove more true and the AARP membership I got you would be more important. The truck would have been paid off. Your daughter is 38 and your son 35. At 55 you would have been working at your government job for 3 1/2 years and would have passed the point when you didn't have to worry about retirement anymore. I know you wanted to retire and write. I still have all your stories and hope someday to do something with them more than just have them sit in a box. You would have seen the great new movies you were looking forward to - Batman, Ironman, Indy, Simpsons. I remember how excited you were when you heard about them coming out. Jim you were just 53 1/2 when you died, but you had lived a pretty full life. You told me a long time ago that you went thru your mid life crisis very early - age 35 instead the usual 45 or 50. I think and can hope at 55 you would have been settled down more then you had been in a long time. That was one of our goals. This birthday would have been a party at your sisters with as many family and friends as we could squeeze into her house. I would have tried for a surprise, but you were good at figuring the surprises out. I am going to have some cake in your honor - your favorite, coconut pepperidge farm. You could eat the whole cake yourself. I remember fighting you for the corner pieces. Jim, I dreamt of you last night, and it was a good dream. It seemed to last awhile and you were laughing with me. I think it was because it was your birthday.

Happy Birthday love.


Rach said...

Happy birthday, dearest Jim. Betsy and your family sure do miss you and your humor. I'm sorry I was not privileged to meet you in this life, because surely, you were a super man! The stories Betsy tells remind me so much of my father and his best friend, both of whom are with you in heaven. I hope you have all found one another and are having one hell of a time! :o)

Big HUGS today, Betsy. HUGE HUGS!

Lynnbug said...

Betsy that was so beautiful! Happy Birthday Jim!

Me and Jim have something in common! Coconut Pepridge Farm Cake! Those as sooooo good!

Sharon said...


I love the way you reminisced today -- and, you are right, Jim lived a full life, and hopefully he would agree -- and maybe that dream was to let you know that he agrees.

I also know this must be a tough day for you, so want you to know you're in my thoughts and prayers,