Sunday, October 26, 2008

Made me smile

I was smiling as I drove home from my cinema clubs Halloween meeting last night. Driving to the meeting I wasn't smiling so much. But something happened there that, well it still has me smiling.

Our meetings are a lot of fun with social time, a movie and then more social time. Well, Halloween there is always more social time then other meetings. Let me start at the beginning though.

What to wear as a costume? what a dilemma. I love costumes and yet couldn't figure out what to wear. Last year I went as 'TiVo girl'. I made the shirt and antennea following the pattern of little Tivo guy that is the mascot/logo. It was just felt glued onto a black teeshirt, but it worked. I made the costume and I think it turned out pretty good. The funny thing is that most of the guys there didn't get it. They don't have Tivo and are movie buffs and not tv geeks. It was amusing how many members just didn't recognize the logo.

So here I am trying to figure out what to wear when I remember Jim's "Security" shirt. It's a bright yellow shirt that says 'security' across the front. I figure I can be a bouncer. Easy to do right? I went to the dresser where the teeshirt was and pull it out. Along with it comes the flannel shirt that I wore and wrote about yesterday. Memories flooded my tactile starved brain. Memories of Jim wearing it and the feel of it my cheek when I put my head on his shoulder. I drove to the party trying to recover from that overload.

The party/meeting was a success and it was good to see friends again. As the meeting ended, Rick came over to give me a hug. He said that he and a couple of the other guys were talking about Halloween a couple years ago when Jim wore his Duffman costume (a character from the simpsons) and he walked up to one of the members and asked what her costume was. Rick said it was great because, she wasn't wearing a costume, it was just her normal outrageous NYC style clothes. Rick said it was remembered as such a 'jim' thing to do.

I smiled because I remembered that moment, I remember the chuckles that both he and the woman had after it (yes, she took it well) and him talking about it on the way home.

I know I have written before about how much it helps me to know that other people remember Jim and the touches he made in their life. Hearing Rick tell me about how they mentioned him was so heartwarming because I wasn't around when they said it. It wasn't me saying "remember when....." or "well Jim and I used to...." So yes, oh boy did it make me smile to hear that.


Rach said...

I understand what you mean about needing to hear others remember Jim and that he touched their lives too. I really do. Sure, my family remembers Hannah, but I want EVERYONE to, you know?

I'm glad you had a wonderful party in spite of the inauspicious beginning.


Sharon said...

I don't have TIVO, either, nor would know the logo -- but I am impressed at your creativity and thought it turned out great!!

Keep smiling through this week, Betsy...