Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quick thoughts

Sitting with a neighbor on our stoops tonight and he was telling me about his views on the political race. As a middle age black man he was very pro Obama. I agreed with him on a lot of points. What made me interested and him proud was when he told me about his son. His just turned 18 son who registered to vote. Apparently when he registered to vote so did 6 of his friends. My neighbor said he was happy to hear that from his son and that they are getting involved in the scene they had ignored for years. I thought that was very nice to hear.


I can't quite figure my house out. I keep getting rid of things - donating clothes, tossing stuff in the dump, going thru books...and yet it seems like it is all still here. Or at least reproducing in some obscure corner of the house and spreading like moss throughout. I will not be beat - I will beat this stuff! I will have a clean house - some day.


Watched the latest episode of House tonight and it was pretty tough. One of the main characters girlfriends died. House and he are best friends and House was somehow linked to the death but they had to work that out. Well the friend, Wilson, comes in and says he is leaving, moving on. House can't understand it and calls him all kinds of names, talks about grief 101 and other things. The whole episode is about the change and how it is being handled by the various characters. It was a very interesting episode and one that I think I will be happy to not watch again. For all it's trying, I didn't feel the pain that Wilson was saying he was in. Maybe I missed something. I certainly didn't like House's tatics (idiot was used a lot) and I would have been pretty upset if someone were to talk to me that way. Dead girlfriend of not.


I learned that we will have a ceremony for my Dad at Arlington Cemetary - he was a military veteran. I am trying to figure out what I wear. I am not a dress up kind of gal, so it may take some trying on of many things, to get it right.


Lynnbug said...

Your house will eventually get clean. I have the same problem you are describing. I tend to hoard.

House is one of my favorite shows and I watched that same episode. The season ender last year was even more sad. I hope they can reconcile their friendship.

I suggest a really nice dark colored pants suit for the funeral. They are very acceptable, comfortable and you can wear it again.

Rach said...

I think the missing socks from the dryer are really larval forms of all the crap that accumulates in the house...

What an inspiring conversation you had with your neighbor. Hooray to today's youth being involved in the political process!!

I'm glad your father will have a wonderful ceremony at Arlington. I concur with Lynn's suggestion of a dark pants suit. Practical and nice all at once.