Monday, September 15, 2008

Me and the siblings.

A pictorial family history - my siblings and me. The oldest is my sister, second in line was my brother and then me and then my brother. We are all four years apart.

Nope, I am not in this one.

Yep, that is me, the cute one with the curl.

Halloween was always fun at our house!

Skaneateles Lake

Oh yes, it is the 70's for sure!!!

At my Grandmothers funeral. My brother mentioned on seeing this that we all looked like we were photoshopped in from other pictures.

The four of us in 2004. Interestingly enough, I couldn't find any pics of the four of us kids together from 1979 to 2004. There must be some. I mean, that's 25 years.I am going to go look some more.

At a banquet to honor my Dad for his help in the 94th infantry association.

The most recent shot of all of us. Taken May 2008.


Rach said...

What a wonderful family you have, Betsy. I hope you are able to find some photos to fill in those 25 years--I'd LOVE to see them! :o)

The piece you posted below this is quite amazing, isn't it. I'm glad you found it and have shared it.

I still hold you in my prayers.

Stella said...

I love your family photo memories. The pictures remind me of so many that belong to my mom. I'm nostalgic for the 60's and 70's now, and I didn't even know the people in those photos until today! :)

Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories.


Lynnbug said...

Great pictures!!! I just love going through old pictures of my family.