Friday, September 26, 2008


The painter is coming to look at my house tomorrow. I have a rowhouse with 'formstone' on it. A plaster that is shaped to look like large blocks of stone and placed over the original brick. That is not my house in the picture, but that is an example of what the formstone looks like.

I would like to have it painted a nice mellow yellow and the window frames done in a white. The house only needs the front painted. The back was painted a couple years ago by Jim, a much easier task becuase it is brick.

Several houses in the neighborhood have done this and it looks great. Several have also taken the formstone off and gone to the bare brick. That looks really good, but it is about $2000.00 more than I can afford. I will be happy with paint and a fresh look.

I am trying little by little to get things accomplished and it feels good as I can check things off the list. It is not a speedy process, but progress is still evident.

The decision was made today to get rid of the Dalmatian stuffed animal collection. I have been building it for years (since I was 20)and I have lots and lots of them. Some I bought, some were gifts. I am not sure whether they can go to a homeless shelter or just to the thrift store. Okay, I am not getting rid of all of them. I have 3 in mind to keep (out of about 25).

I think this will be a good move. A start to get more out of the house and declutter. Rethink priorities of what to keep and what should go. I am looking around more and more thinking about it. I have a china hutch and that stores some tablecloths and napkins and such. I have never used more that one type of tablecloth or entertained more than 2 people at a time since Jim died. Maybe I can give all ubt one up and clear some more space. You know, keep one and some napkins and rings and be done with the rest.

At the grief group that I attended last year, it was suggested that we not make any major changes for a year. Often things get thrown out or sold and the widow is not really in a good frame of mind to make the decision. This goes not just for personal items but also whether to move or not or change routines. I have tried to adhere to this as much as possible, but have also known that because of the change that Jim's death brought to my life, well, changes will have to happen. Some couldn't be avoided and some were a choice. As I move into year two of somehow living without him, I find the changes coming and my routine more flexible. That is the moving forward - I don't want to admit to it, but it is happening.


Lynnbug said...

OMG! You sound like you are really doing good and making a lot of progress! The Dalmation collection--so sad to get rid of something you have had so long. (Look at me, I will talk you into keeping it if Im not careful!) I think a thrift store would be a good idea. They support local charities. A shelter sounds nice too. Have you ever heard about Go check that out--you can list the items you are trying to get rid of and people who need them respond. They have free cycle networks in all areas of the US so I am sure there is one near you! Things are given away supposedly to people who need the items and will appreciate the items!

Sharon said...


The yellow and white paint sounds great. It will not only give you the color you desire, but will brighten your days as well -- and it's another choice and decision you have made, which I applaud you for.

I just did the unthinkable. I went through my closet and halved the clothes by pulling out the "tired of wearing, never going to wear, or waiting until I fit into them again..." -- what a relief.

I'm sure you are younger than myself (later 50s), but lately I feel less like taking care of a bunch of stuff - it clutters my home, my mind, and my life. Let's face it. What my interests or emphases were even 10 years ago, are not what they are today, nor will they be in another ten. Oh my:) Continue to have a blessed weekend,