Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Countdown to 48

Just 364 more days till it's my birthday again. Woohoo!

Okay, just kidding.

I did wake up feeling better. Even though my wake up call was the dog barking. I made this the first day of a new change. I am starting the weight watchers point system for eating. Trying to lose some extra baggage here. I had lost weight via the diet called 'not motivated to eat' and it was good, but now for some reason I am eating again. Quite a few friends online suggested this way as successful for them. It involves many of the normal steps - change of diet and habits but also a system where each item is so many points and you only get a certain amount of points each day. I will give it a whirl for a few months and see what happens. My epilepsy does cause me to watch that I eat enough of certain foods to get me the right amount of potassium and other nutrients.

My best friend is coming over this weekend to help me clean the bedroom and go thru Jim's things. Items I haven't touched in the 16 months. Things that I can sort out and decide what to keep and what is just not necessary anymore. The really big help lucky Cindy will be is when we look under the bed. I have no idea what is under there except for a lot of dust and other scary beasts. I figure her with a blow torch and me with a rake, we may make out okay. Clean Sweep has nothing on me!

Just for a smile, here is the 2006 birthday brunch pictures. Me, Dad and my stepmom and then Dad and Jim. My dad's birthday is October 7th so we always had a meal somewhere on the weekend between his and my birthdates. In 2006 it was brunch at a local Inn.


Lynnbug said...

Congratulations on your birthday! I turned 48 in August.

Weight Watchers is a good program. I have done it before and was successful. I just wish I was motivated now. Good luck to you on that!

Sharon said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad you continue to post them. ...and I'm glad you are going with Weight Watchers; I've had a number of friends who have been helped by that program.

I hear you on the cleaning. Dust bunnies under my bed are ready to attack, I think :)

Blessings to you during the countdown,

Rach said...

Good luck with everything, Betsy. WW is wonderful and I know so many people who have met with success on the points program.

Cindy is a true and wonderful friend to come and help you out. Good luck with the nether regions of the bed...I don't even want to *THINK* about what is under ours...:shudder:


Evanesco said...

Happy belated! I try and forget birthdays in the 4-0s. LOL!
*hugs* that you have such a good friend to help you through this.
Sending you hugs and White Light.