Thursday, August 7, 2008

Father / Daughter

Just another trip down memory lane. This first photo is of my family when we stayed at Canandaigua Lake in Central New York. We were there for the summer and it was great. We moved to a neighborhood town, also on a lake. I am the little blonde gal in the front with the red bikini. The second picture is my Dad walking me down the isle on my wedding day.

I was chatting with a good friend this weekend about my family and how the kids all turned out okay. No major problems like alcholism, gambling, drugs or sordid scandals. At least none that I know about. I think this is mostly because of how we were raised and also what a good head we have on our shoulders. All four of us kids.

Yes, my Dad grounded me and my Mom would scold me but there was also hugging and 'I am proud of you' when it was right. I think Jim's parents were a lot stricter or freer with the punishments, but you know, he turned out alright also. I also know from conversations with Jim that although he left home as soon as he could because of his father, he also came back years later when he was needed to care for his Dad in his last years. That was important.

So, Thanks Mom! and Thanks Dad!

One more picture - Me in my mid twenties. I don't know who the cats are. They weren't mine. I just remember loving those boots!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I'm loving all your old pictures!! Aren't they wonderful to take out and walk down memory lane? I might have to pull some out for a post one of these days!

Rach said...

Hi Bets, I'm back! I've been steadily trying to catch up with everyone. I can see you are having a wonderful time tripping down memory lane. All the photos you have posted are WONDERFUL--love those boots, seriously!

I pray you are doing well and send many many HUGS!