Friday, July 11, 2008

Dad friday update

Ha, Jim would have loved this. I can invision him shaking his head and smiling.

My dad on Wednesday at 2 pm was moved from the hospital to a rehab center for 2 weeks. At 7 pm he started complaining of severe chest pains. They called my stepmom and told her they wanted to move him back to the hospital. Well, my stepmom said she would come, check him out and drive him the 1/4 mile rather than pay $500 for the ambulance.

They checked him out, got in the car and my dad said "Take me home." That was it. She asked him about the pains and he said he was better and to take him home. My stepsister leaned forward and said "Dad were you faking the pain to get out?" He admitted to this and said lets go.

They went back home, had a good nights rest and it was decided that the rehab woman would come on monday and that he would have a quiet restful weekend. I respect my dad for admitted to what he did, but am frustrated that he did it. He needs the rehab to get back up to 100%. He is scared/worried that the rehab center will be a nursing home and will be his last stop.

I also was reminded of the time when I was 8 and didn't want to go to school. I cut up a potato and poured some milk in the toilet and told my mom I was sick. She didn't go for it. I was also reminded of the things that my grandmother (dad's mom) would do when she came to live with us. One time my mom and I watched her hit the dog with her cane, set the cane on the floor, lower her self to the floor and then cry that she had fallen because of the dog.

Humans are strange animals.

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Rach said...

Your dad is a savvy man, LOL! The rehab is so important for him, though so I'm happy to hear he'll still be getting it.

I'm also thinking he must be doing fairly well if he was crafty enough to come up with that plan...;oP

HUGS! :o)