Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A bit much.

A bucket of water tossed out a second story window on to my head.

Like a scene from the I love lucy or the 3 stooges. I got a bucket of water dumped on me.

Back up some.

Went to the MVA to get my license. Finally they were reinstating it. I waited about an hour and got up to the counter and had my picture taken and eyes tested. Then I was told that the block was still on my file. I said well no, the letter I have here says they were taken off. The guy up at the front counter said they were taken off or he wouldn't have even let me get this far. The mva lady said, well sorry, no license. It is too late to call anyone in that dept. It's five and they are all gone.


I left with a ticket that would let me come back and not have to wait in line. They would call me tomorrow when they checked on it.


So it is super pouring down rain. We leave the MVA. I am mad and frustrated and don't even care about the rain. I walk thru the rain shower to get in my friends car, we go home, let dogs out, dry off, change clothes and go to meet the guy that wants to sell me a car.

It stops raining. Yay.

We meet him and are talking about the car. He is telling me how it has NJ tags, he bought it from his cousin and then never registered it here in maryland. He has been driving it for about 10 months that way. Basically illegally. He said the registration in NJ is expired, but he has insurance and a MD inspection, but no title or registration for MD. A bit strange I think. I mean, really, how can you do that?

We talk some more and are just standing on the street, no big deal and feel some water on his shoulder. We think it is from the tree. We move over a couple feet. We talk a few more minutes.

Suddenly BOOM, I get water poured all over me from above.

This old lady is telling us 'that it's private property and no loitering.' We look at each other and then her in disbelief. It's a public sidewalk. We aren't hooligans. We weren't being loud. I yell back about we aren't loitering, we are discussing a car. She says no loitering.


So the long and short of it is, I don't have a license YET. I don't have a car and am feeling a little nervous about this one. The car is fine, the guy is a bit strange. My friend test drove it for me and said it was in great shape. And she has the same make and model just one year different. I may just make him a lowball offer and tell that I will go with him to the MVA to get things straightened out and then make the sale. With him paying for the paperwork he should have had done a year ago.

But really - a bucket of water on my head???????

My friend Elaine and I ended the day by going to IHOP and having some pancakes at 9pm.


Rach said...

You're kidding, right? Right?? Who the heck throws buckets of water on people??? Good grief.

Leave it to the DMV (or MVA in your case) to really mess things up. I HATE going and try to do all my stuff on-line when I can. I know you can't do that in this case and I hope things go a little more smoothly today.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Hunh?? Seriously??? What a putz!

Laurie said...

Oh Betsy,

Too bad you didn't have access to a hose with a pressure nozzle on it!!
I am 60 years old and I would never do that to someone. With regards to the car, definitely have HIM get the paperwork in order for you before any money exchanges hands. Don't do it yourself. It can be a nightmare. At least here in California there is so much red tape with all the smog stuff and all. Sorry to preach but been there and done that!! No Fun. I hope you get your license cleared.

Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

Lynnbug said...

Make sure the paperwork is straightened out BEFORE you buy the car. The lady that poured a bucket of water on your head? What a piece of work! You probably could get her for assault. Too much trouble though.

Rach said...

Hi Betts,

Just checking in to see if all went well at the MVA today. I hope the crazy car guy got that all worked out and that crazy bucket lady is someone you NEVER run into again. YIKES!


Bismo said...

Wow, unbelievable story. Leaving aside the Crazy Lady, I agree with others, don't buy the car if the paperwork's uncertain! I suspect you'd have all kinds of problems trying to get the car registered without a valid title or record of current registration. In a lot of states you MUST have a title if the car is less than a certain age (maybe ten years in MA, I forget). No title, no history, it could've come from anywhere. Don't get stuck. If in doubt, ask at the MVA what you'd need for paperwork BEFORE buying and make CERTAIN you can get it. Otherwise, just look elsewhere... good luck!