Tuesday, April 22, 2008


You know, sitting here looking at some of the pictures that I have of Jim and us, I got very sad. I was thinking back to a time when, no life wasn't perfect, but that captured moment was. And then I thought about why it made me so sad, not because I want to go back to that moment, but more because I realize that there will be no more to be taken. Jim will never again be captured with that huge ear to ear grin on his face and the expression that cries of an embracing of life.

No matter what was thrown at him in the lemon department, Jim found a way to make lemonade in the end.

In between all the crap that he had to suffer thru with work and such, he found a way to squeeze some fun in there. I am glad to have had the time with him I did, but I really don't want him to be gone. I want to come back in a month and show off some new pictures that we took when we went to .....fill in the blank.

I am thirsty for some of Jim's lemonade.


Rach said...

What a wonderful metaphor. I wish I had some way to get you that glass of lemonade.


Linda said...

Oh Betsy, That is such a wonderful way to word that.
I am glad that you have so many photos of that smiling man.

Many hugs to you.