Friday, April 11, 2008

Morning at work

I guess the not feeling good/feeling lonely is sort of a purge. I am pleased to say I am feeling better mentally today. Or at least stable and not thinking of things I shouldn't like what really is there here for me anymore and stupid husband, doctors, heart, of the last couple years and why didn't we do things differently. The flowers are blooming and that is a good sign. The daffodils will come back every year to bring the bright sunny color with them. I smile to see them.

I am at work, enjoying the job of building my company website and playing with photographs, graphics and html which I knew nothing about a year ago.

Outside there is 72 degree weather, I have chicken salad, it's sunny out and I am wearing sunglasses.

Hit it.


Linda said...

Awesome, Betsy! See what sunshine,daffodils and chicken salad will do for the soul?
I am smiling for you :)


Rach said...

I LOVE daffodils' sunny faces.

I find when I have a particularly rough patch, the days after I feel so refreshed. Rather like spring after a particularly grey winter.

I'm glad today was so sunny, Betsy! :o) Here's hoping it lasts through the weekend! :o)


Lynelle said...

You wouldn't know this, but daffodils make me think of you and Jim. You would bring them in to work and Jim made sure you had some for the rest of us...