Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rainy Saturday

Today was definately a Jim kind of day. It was slightly misting rain, with spurts of harder rain and a pile of movies to watch.

What did I do?

From 8:30 till noon I hauled stuff, I bagged up stuff and hauled more, and cleaned. It started out as just a simple case of taking a few things down to the dumpster. The neighborhood has a dumpster put out in certain areas so that residents can use it if they can't drive to the dump. I started with just getting rid of the containers of roofing tar, old paint and leaves that had built up along the fence edge.

Then it started raining so I moved into the laundry/tool room and as I went thru things there, I found more and more to go thru. Jim had some buckets filled...well...stuff. Nails, screws, latches, socket things, plastic things, thingie things and extension cords. Lots of those.I found a nice 70's music station and started looking at it all. So, in sorting it out, I threw some out, put some in containers and hung some up.

It stopped raining and from there I moved to the idea of pulling old stuff in the corner and sweeping and bagging all that.

It was hard to stop. I hauled the old door out that we replaced and the door has been behind the couch for months. I got the two end tables that were pretty run down out to the dumpster.

I ordered pizza at noon and crawled into a shower and then the bed for a long afternoon nap.


Laurie said...

Amazing and productive day Betsy. My gosh, you got so much done and I am proud of you. You must feel really good at all you accomplished. This takes motivation and this is what I need to do in my house. You have inspired me to get off my butt and get with it. Thank you. Hope you have a wonderful nap, you earned it.
And I hope tomorrow is a good day for you too.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

rachd said...

Wow! Wanna come down for a visit and help me clean out?? Boy were you productive today!

Do you feel that wonderful sense of accomplishment? You certainly did have a well-deserved nap. The weather here today was certainly conducive to napping, as cool and gray as it was.

I hope tomorrow brings a day of fun and rest for you, Betsy. Have a happy Sunday! :o)


Marsha said...

Do you rent out--??? I have some cleaning out I need done. Seriously, there is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when we finished these tasks.

Betts4 said...

Well, believe it or not, the cleaning continued. Today it was the kitchen and going thru baskets that had collected 'stuff' and sorting it out. Also hung my pot rack and moved a shelf unit out so the area looks cleaner.

I guess having a tax guy coming on tuesday got me going too.