Saturday, March 1, 2008


Here is a classic Jim face. A hint of a smile and a sort of twinkle in the eye.

The picture in the last post was from our trip to Georgia to visit Jim's brother. It was March 2007 and it was just after Jim had shoulder surgery.

Here are some more favorites of mine from that trip. It was the last time that Jim and I travelled together and last time he saw his brother and sister in law.

I was reminded of this trip because in my cleaning frenzy this weekend I found a memory book that his sister in law made for us. It has lots of pictures from that weekend. I will be emailing to ask for them on a disk or such. So, more pictures may show up here.

Here is a picture of him and his older brother. They were similiar in nature. Both caring and loving and concerned with others happiness. I believe they got this from there mother who was very much that way. You see Jim in one of his favorite hawaiian shirts. It seems like that is all he wore during that trip, but all these photos were taken on Saturday.

Here is a great pic of Jim, his brother in law and his brother. I don't know why Jim had that look on his face. I can see the eyebrow raising. I must have been saying something really silly to try and get them to smile. Jim usually is a clown in front of the camera. He also would tell me not to take a picture, however once I started he would ham it up. I am happy becuase I love looking at the pictures now and am glad they are around.

Here is a closer look at this Jim face. Hmmm. What is he thinking. Probably either wondering why I am goofing around or more likely thinking about the luncheon we were going to. We were at the arbeoriteum in Athens Georgia and it was beautiful. Flowers and birds and a calm atmosphere. It was a welcome change from the stress of the job and the shoulder surgery he had just had and his brother's illness. We drove down with his sister and brother in law and it was a fun family trip. I am very glad we went.

The family portrait. I have about 5 other pictures of these few minutes. We had a hard time all fitting in right on the steps, smiling at the right moment, not giving each other bunny ears, not breaking into silly laughter (which we did anyway) and telling stories of other family portraits. I had my camera sitting on a makeshift tripod - a chair with a box on top of it with the camera on top of that to get the right height for the photo. I guess it worked!

And now that I see it, I cropped everyone else out and made this close up of Jim and I. I am going to have this printed out and frame it for the Jim gallery I have on my wall now.

I really like this photo close up of Jim and I feeling the warmth of family. And the warmth that we have for each other.

)I apologize for the sort of disjointedness of the layout. I kept trying to get it to flow and it kept not working and images were all over the places and spacing was so far off! Argh)


rachd said...

Ah, I see such happiness and love here, Betsy. What wonderful memories you have.

And, I see you have an affinity for Jim's clothes and that wearing them is not just something you took up recently as a way to remember him. :o)

The photo you are planning on printing and framing is simply wonderful.

Have a wonderful Sunday, Betsy. :o) HUGS!

gd said...

Cool pics!