Sunday, March 23, 2008


He is Risen!

Jim is now like the wind, I always feel him around me,
know that he is there, but never see him.
And with that, there is comfort.


Rach said...

He is indeed risen. Happy Easter, my friend!

I love the sentiment. Jim is absolutely all around you. HUGS!

Betts4 said...

Thanks Rach! I got part of that thought from a movie I watched called A walk remembered. It was the last line of the movie. A high school romance ended with the girl having lukemia and dying. The boy said that at the end and I just thought it was a good way to think.

Laura said...

It's funny you speak of that movie. I just watched it this weekend. I hope the day went by peacefully for you. If I could only feel that Leonard was with me. He's just gone. So very gone. Thinking of you with lots of hugs.

Laurie said...

Hi Betsy,

I am so glad that you feel Jim all around you with the wind. How peaceful to feel this and I think at those times if you close your eyes and look in your heart, you will see Jim too. Just a thought. I hope you had a good day yesterday.

Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

Linda said...

That's so beautiful..
If you get a chance, look up the song "I Believe" by Diamond Rio. The lyrics are very much like the sentiment about the wind..I don't care much for the video on youtube so I just "listen".
"I" believe, I really do.