Sunday, January 20, 2008

Out for Dinner

I went out to dinner tonight with my next door neighbors. They have been friends since they moved in 4 years ago. Alan and Jefferey and Jim and I just all got along really well. Jim was their 'handyman' when they had stuff around the house that needed doing.
We went out to celebrate Jefferey's birthday. It was a nice low key restaurant and we were talking about various things. I am glad to be out with them becuase they don't seem to be bothered when I bring Jim's name into the conversation. I do this because he and I were together for so many years that it is hard to say 'I did that', it is more like 'I remember when Jim and I did that'.

As we talked about the rodents in the neighborhood (4 legged ones) I was remembering something Jim did to our ceiling to push the poison up into the crawl space. It was a solution that only Jim would think of doing. And it worked. The whole memory flooded my brain and it was that day again as he talked the procedure out to me.
As Jefferey and Alan laughed about something I looked over at the fourth spot at the table- it was the spot Jim should be sitting in. I so wanted the empty chair to be filled.
It hurt.


Laurie said...

Hi Betsy,

I am glad you got out tonight with your neighbors and were able to talk about Jim freely, even if it hurt. I hope this means that it was a good day for a Sunday, the day so many of you girls dread. Jim is always with you wherever you go, in your heart. I hope you feel his warmth there. Have a good week and I hope you smile a lot each day.

Love, Laurie

Laura said...

Oh Betsey, I am sorry that hurt you. Our good friends came over tonight as well so I could do my best friend's hair. Her husband was Leonard's best friend and we used to play Euchre (cards) after the hair... I burst out crying and hated myself for it.

rachd said...

I've found I'm continuously looking for Han to be with us, or longing for her company and laughter. You are SO not alone.

I'm glad you had a fun day out with friends, though! :o)