Sunday, January 6, 2008

A new week

The day has moved quickly.

After Sam's club I took a long nap - nestled in Jim's clothing under a warm blanket in a dark room....I was in a cocoon that felt wonderful. I will remember that absolute feeling of comfort for a few moments of time. Nothing to do, the dogs were all settled, no concerns except just feeling no stress. It helped a lot.

I got up and my neighbor brought me some sheperd pie that he had made. His partner works some late hours so we share dinners sometimes. Then it was do some dishes, get the trash ready for the morning and relax again. I am glad that sunday is over.

These two pictures are from my trip. The one on the left is me in front of the Superman changing in the phonebooth that they had in front of the hotel. I thought it interesting since Jim is such a Superman fan to find that on my trip.

The one on the right is me on sunday morning with the worst case of bedhead that I have ever had. I think it is from the mousse that they lady put in my hair when I got it cut. I never use the stuff. Anyway, it was worth a laugh. And I am not so vain as to worry about posting a pic like this.


rachd said...

I LOVE the bed head, lol! :oP

I'm glad you found comfort last night, and just let me say how overjoyed I am it's no longer Sunday.

Keep on keepin' on, as my Papa would say. Hugs, Betsy.

Laurie said...

Hey Betsy,

It is definitely the mousse, yep, that stuff seems to come with a 5 year warranty or until you wash it out, which ever comes first!!:) I love the sparkle in your eyes. Oh and the Superman phone booth caught my eye right away. Like Jim was there to let you know he is always with you wherever you go. This is good. Even if it hurts, out of sight is NOT out of heart. And I am glad to hear you found comfort last night. Keep his things close for as long as it takes. I am praying that Sundays change for all of you girls and you get some new joy out of the day. You all deserve it!!

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Laura said...

As a hairstylist (now, thankfully not doing that anymore), you are absolutely correct in that. Many times we used tons of stuff to get your hair absolutely perfect. Tons of stuff that ends up giving one a horrendous case of bed head, and the worry that it will never again look like it did when you left the shop. It was so good to read your entry today. I thought of you all night.