Friday, January 11, 2008

Laundry crisis

Major laundry meltdown. I didn't know folding towels could do that. It was probably more the fact that it was friday and weekends suck. I was folding towels started crying and wondering why it happened and what was I to do and who would ever love me like he did and I miss him and miss knowing he was just a phone call away. Beating a pillow is safe, but not very satisfying.

Got up took some tylenol and started folding shirts. Then I hit the Stealth tee shirt. It was one of Jim's and while holding it I was reminded of the memory I didn't want to forget. It didn't make me cry, but it did make me smile.

Jim and I got free tickets to go see the movie Stealth. It starred a couple medium cute actors and involved a lot of intense flight scenes and a robotic plane that becomes self aware. And evil.

We go to the premiere in a theatre that is not very full but has a bunch of families with kids. There are two guys from the local radio station that had been giving tickets away for the last week. They are there to pass out Stealth stuff. Promo stuff that we have lots of at home and seem addicted to. Jim of course wants one of each. The DJ's ask a trivia question and then whoever knows the answer and gets to them up in the front first can get the prize. The first couple were easy and Jim got a poster one time, let the kids get a couple and thenthey held up the shirt. Both Jim and I are tee shirt-aholics so the gleam was in his eye.

The DJ's seemed to be in a dj sort of mode and I don't know if we were on the air or what, but they were funny. The question for the shirt prize was a harder one then those in the past. I can't remember what the question was, but movie geek that he is...was...he knew the answer.

Apparently so did a couple kids that were maybe 8 or so. We think their dad told them. Have you seen the stadium seating theatres where they have the nice seats and the stairs and a railing in front? Have you ever seen a 40 yr old man leaping chairs and a railing just to beat out an 8 year old for a tee shirt? Jim did it. He got there first, answered the question and to much the laughter of the DJ's, got the shirt. Done and done. Or so I thought.

He came back to the seat happy. A poster, a tee shirt and all is right with the world. A couple questions and some more tee shirts go to the kids. Jim is calm. Then the DJ's bring out the hats. Jim perks up. Yes, perks up. The question was a James Bond movie question and he knew the answer. He actually waited to see if the kids would know it. Then he made his move. He stood up and waved his arms. He said to the DJ, "Man, I am too old to leap chairs again, but I know the name of the golden girl". They came up the stairs to him, handed him the mike and he gave them the answer. They played it up a bit, going for laughs and they gave him the hat. Looked at me, who was smiling, said "ma'am you are brave" and gave me a shirt.

Jim wore those two shirts many times in the last couple years. He loved that they said Annapolis Navy and the insignia, because he was a Navy man. They were a deep dark blue and had Stealth on the back. He looked good in those shirts.

You know, I feel better after writing all that. The image of Jim leaping the railing will be something that will always make me smile.


Stella said...

Your post has me laughing with a few tears in my eyes. I can just picture it! :) What a beautiful story.

Laurie said...

I love this story Betsy, I really love it. Jim sounds like a joyful little boy in a mans body here. It cracks me up to picture him jumping chairs. Good memories following a major meltdown, yep, it sounds like you are moving right along on this road and I am with you all the way girl. You and Jim will always be, you are rooted together in your heart. I mean this and don't say it to patronize you. These little nuggets of healing memories will keep you healing, one nugget at a time, one moment at a time. I love your spirit and heart and honesty. I really like getting to know Jim better as you write about him. And I absolutely love that by the end of your story, you felt better. I could feel it as I read. You are open to the change you are in and you are doing so good Betsy. Keep his memories alive and he will never be forgotten. It will just hurt less with time I hope.

Love you, Laurie

Sonya said...


You wrote that this memory made you smile; made ME smile,too.

I hope you have more "feel good" memories like this one.

rachd said...

Oh, Betsy, I was LingOL at the picture of Jim leaping rails and chairs, (in my imagination, throwing elbows and beating back kids! ;oP) to get that shirt. What a fun and wonderful memory! :o)

Thank you so much for sharing it, I LOVED it! I'm sure he was the most WONDERFUL man! :o)