Saturday, January 5, 2008


How can an animated comedy - the Simpson's - hurt so much?

Finally after a month of owning it and 5 or so months of it being out in the theatres, I have watched The Simpson's Movie. Oh, it was funny and I laughed and at certain parts really wished that Jim was here to laugh also. But in the end, as Homer and Marge ride off into the sunset....I am crying.

They ride off and kiss. Marge says "Mmmm, best kiss of my life." Homer says "Best kiss of your life, so far. " They were happy as they rode away.

And all I could think of was the first time I kissed Jim. On our first date. When I knew from that first kiss, he was the one.

And then the last time-in the hospital after he died as I said good bye.

The Simpsons tv show came out the first year we were married. We both have quirky senses of humor and loved the show from the start. Jim taped it on vhs for years. Every week, every season. I still have years and years of the vhs tapes in a box in the basement. Long before it was on every night three times a night, we would watch it from the vhs tape. There was something about that family that touched us. I think part of it was that Homer and Marge loved each other so much. In a way that I could liken to how Jim and I loved each other. Unconditionally but with the bumps that come with real life.

This question of why do I love this other person when things go wrong or they hurt me or there are others that I could be with....well the answer is I love them because they are the one for me. That simple. Homer and Marge have the same sort of trials that we regular married couples have. And they survive it because they love each other. Because they know that the other part of their soul is found in that person. As Jim and I found each other.

So I cry and feel the big hole opening in my chest as I see two animated characters riding off together. As I think about how much Jim wanted to see this silly movie. As I think of how much I wanted to see him see this movie, to sit with him, to hold his hand, to share popcorn together.

Jim did the Duffman costume for halloween in 2006. He worked on it for weeks and tried to get everything just right. He looked dashing in the costume and it was a hit. The amusing part was listening to him practice the voice as he strode around the house in Duffman mode.

Like Homer, Jim was a husband with some faults. Like Homer, he tried to do what was right for the family and tried to make it all work out in the end. Like Homer, he was also a husband with unconditional love for his wife. I am glad to be Marge to his Homer. I wish for one more kiss.

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Sue(Daz) said...

I used to joke that we were the Simpsons-my daughter is Lisa to a tee, my hubby was Bart as a kid and Homer-ish as hubby, LOL, son was really baby Maggie, LOL
I was always Marge-and after Daz passed away, the three of us went to see the movie in the theatre.
I sobbed through most of it. We also have every episode on DVD. Hubby loved the Simpsons. Loved em!
I know how sad it is to see a movie that you know they would have loved-life is simply not fair.