Monday, December 3, 2007

Waking up

I woke up this morning with Jim's arm around me.

I could feel the weight. Not of the blanket around me, but rather a heavy solid thing. It was positioned just like he did in the mornings and we would wake and I would reposition it so it wasn't right on my chest. This morning I could feel it clearly...or as clearly as you can in that half awake state. I woke thinking it was his arm. I woke some more thinking it couldn't be and then woke enough to say "it feels good, I will leave it be" and went back to sleep. All I can say is that the weight I felt was definately not just a blanket and it was in the exact position that Jim would leave his arm when we snuggled.

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. But I am going with the thought that he was around and giving me some comfort for the holidays. It works for me.


Gayle said...

Just reading that makes me cry and wish it could happen to me! I would definitely take that as a sign from your husband that he is still with you.

rachd said...

Let's just say it was Jim coming to let you know he is still with you.

What a beautiful thing to have happen. :o)

SJW said...

Of course it was him :)

What a nice thought- in that bizarre and twisted way that grief makes us think.

Heres wishing all us widows some peace this holiday season.

betts4 said...

I go to sleep each night telling myself "dream about jim". Sometimes I do, sometimes it is a morning like this one.
Hugs to all you!!!