Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Baltimore had it's first snow of the year today. You could feel it in the air this morning. It started out light, got heavier and just stayed at it, snowing all day. I was able to catch snowflakes on my tongue and see the world turning white. I love the snow.

Here is a shot from my cellphone camera of the corner where I get the bus. The snow was about 2 or so inches and just wet enough to be almost annoying on the sidewalks and not a big deal on the street. I wait for the bus outside the comic shop that Jim went to all the time. I haven't been able to go back in there.

So I came home, took the dogs for a great run through the park and the snow. They really love the snow! After getting back home I found a Marx brothers movie on the tv and decided on tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. I have a wonderful recipe for tomato soup and it tastes soooo good. Well, the sandwich came off the pan so perfectly toasted that I couldn't let it go without a pic. Here it is.

This is another 'memory' of Jim. They are really all around me in everything I do. But he loved his grilled cheese to be brown but not too brown and he would whine if it was darker on one side than the other. So I learned to cook them so they were just right.

Spending some time watching tv and snuggling with the dogs was the way to end the evening. My next door neighbor even shovelled my steps off for me. He said it was pay back for all the times that Jim had done it for them.

I can't wait to wake up in the morning and see the winter wonderland.


Bismo said...

It looks like you've as much snow down there than we do up here right now! Enjoy!!

Laurie said...

The snow is beautiful. Being a southern California born and raised girl, I have never seen it snow. Am I missing something great here? I love
how the memories of Jim are all around you in everything you do. I know it has to be a pain too deep for me to understand, but this is love in it's pure form, stored in your heart of hearts forever. I pray someday it won't hurt so much but instead, warm your heart in a new way. I hope this morning's winter wonderland warmed your soul and gave your day a beautiful start. Love the sandwich picture. You are so cute:) Have a wonderful day today Betsy.

Laurie in Ca.

rachd said...

I'm so very jealous of the snow! We don't get much of it here in W'burg. :sigh:

The grilled cheese looks delicious and I'm glad you had a nice snuggled down evening. Isn't it amazing how our loved ones are everywhere with us even when their physical presence isn't? They're there in our memories and our hearts. I find that sometimes it hurts and sometimes it's a comfort.


Laurie said...

Hi Betsy,

Just stopping by today to wish you a great weekend and good mail in the mailbox:) We have been getting much needed rain here in So. Ca. The place where it never rains. It has been so refreshing and cooler weather too:) I am hoping your heart is a little lighter again and you are having peaceful days. I think of you daily.

Laurie in Ca.

gd said...

MMmmmmmm! Throw some mayo on that puppy and I'll split it with you.