Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Feeling a little better today, though my eyes still hurt and I wanted to sleep awhile longer. The room was warm and dark and body was tired.

I wore my Wicked Witch of the West striped socks to work today, that was the closest to a costume that I was allowed to wear. I also pulled out on of Jim's favorite dress shirt, it is striped and goes with the socks.

I got some halloween candy for the trick or treaters but I don't expect many. Last year we had about 15 or so. I think a lot of families take their kids in costume to the local malls for a 'safe' trick or treat time.

On another note, I debated (with myself) about taking some time off. I would have to talk to my boss and see if I could maybe just skip a paycheck and take 2 weeks off to get things in the house more in order. I come home from work and have no inclination to do anything that needs to be done. I don't mind the little things like straighten and such. But I mean the bigger things like sort out the tools in the back/summer kitchen/laundry room, getting stuff out of the basement, finding my winter clothes and packing the summer ones. It just isn't happening.

My older brother is coming next weekend to help me haul stuff to the dump or to a Goodwill and fix a few things around the house. That will help. I wanted to have a yard sale or such so I may make a pile for that. I am thinking I don't need all the things we had in the basement like lamps, non working computers and such anymore. My younger brother said 'minimalize' and I think to a certain degree that is a good idea. Now of course, don't nobody touch my Star Wars collection or the comics....but old lamps can go.

We had a lot of things we were sort of hanging onto for when we moved to the new place. Twice in the last 3 years we were about to move and something happened. Katrina was one of them and Jim's death another. We had put in transfer paperwork for a move to PA and were very happy about this. It saddens me to think about the dreams we had that are no more. They were OUR dreams and they are gone. Jim would probably say 'make new dreams and never never quit dreaming'. That was how he lived.

Well, I sort of veered off of Halloween there.

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