Thursday, September 27, 2007

12 of us

Grief group counseling session

Started last week.

I walk in to the room and see 11 pairs of eyes. 11 faces of various stages of pain. 11 different stories of death. 11 with loved ones gone.

A loss we share, I can see it
The way they look, they stand, they have pain
The partner, the soulmate, the bestfriend, the spouse
Their pain is mine twofold
I have met them
a meeting we share with hope
to help understand, heal, grow, deal
All of this is raw to us
new pain and new ways and new horrors
what hurts us does not hurt others
We share loss and pain and thus can touch each other
our stories we share and our loves that have gone
Tissues brought help dry the tears
As seen by one, is seen by all
I come to this room in search of help
And in that wanting, finding the need to help the others
Fighting my own battle of pain
Not wanting to be here and not wishing it for anyone else
Yet finding solace in the room that is not empty.

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