Thursday, August 16, 2007

Unfinished business and crickets

Yesterday and today have been a whirlwind of paperwork and unfinished business. Trying to get a handle on the Red Truck and sell it. Insurance papers, Ambulance bills, regular old monthly bills and various other things.

One thing I did was disconnect the landline service. I am a cell phone gal now. I was only getting about 1 to 3 calls a week and they were usually telemarketers. I can live without it for awhile. And my cellphone has caller id, where the landline doesn't.

I have to share this email. A friend sent it to me about HER day.

So I cleaned the upstairs a bit. While I was doing this, I blocked the dogs downstairs. BIG mistake! They got into stuff. There are now 500 crickets running around my house!!! I think I managed to catch about a dozen of them.

So then I decided to feed my king snakes. Stupidly I had handled some of the mice for feeding to the more docile corns. I always tell my snakes "I am not a mouse. I am not a mouse." Then I feed them.

Well my huge male king wasn't paying attention & grabbed hold of my pinky! And started to swallow!

I had a small spray bottle of alcohol on the counter & was able to pump it with my forearm while aiming at his face. The other hand was supporting the weight of the snake. It worked--yay!

Basically the other choice would have been to just hang out till he realized his mistake. That apparently can take 10-15 minutes. It didn't really hurt (& actually made me laugh b/c he was just so serious about getting his meal down that it was just silly & funny to me) BUT I didn't really want to sit there for 10 minutes either.

Apparently while that was going on, a dog or dogs were up here tearing apart their bed that had no linens b/c they were being washed. The bed is still usable but I am not happy with my dogs today.

I must say reading this email made me feel a whole lot better, I was laughing at the vision of this in my head.

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