Saturday, August 18, 2007

Think I am going to call the doc

I don't think I have fallen as far as severe depression, but I sure can feel it sneaking up on me.

Little things like not wanting to get up, not wanting to get off the couch, not wanting to change my clothes on the weekend. I could sit inside and watch tv all day and that would be alright.

Well, not alright, and I know in one part of my head that I need to get up and move and breath fresh air, but there is no motivation to do that. So I guess I know it has started.

Not everyday, not all the time, but more and more lately. More the last month.

So I will be smart. I will set up an appointment with the doc and see what he says. Oh wait, I know he will say what he always says - diet, excerise and smile. He really is a nice guy. He was a favorite of Jim's. And I think Jim was a favorite of his. He always got the doc to laugh.

Yep, the dogs and I will lounge around and watch some movies. I am crying more again. More and more I don't want to look at the pictures because I keep asking myself when will the nightmare end and when will I wake and no, it won't end because it is real. Merc and Tigger both come to comfort me when I cry and it is very sweet and it helps. I am glad they are here.

I read online the symptoms for depression and could click them off one by one as they match my last month. That's not good. I have to move. I have to get going. I have to. I must.


Lynelle said...

If you need a ride to the doctor, let me know. It is very smart and responsible of you to take action, before you get too low. Sadness is a part of grief, but debilitating depression can develop. Know there's a lot a people that care about you, even if we don't always post comments. A big hug,

Sonya said...

Betsy, you have 2 people willing to give you a ride. (I can even bring you a few crickets but that's all I have left)