Monday, August 20, 2007

The Truck

I had to sell Jim's truck this weekend.

It saddens me to see it gone. It was his dream vehicle. It was big and red and shiny and new and had a v8 engine and 4 wheel drive and all kinds of bells and whistles. He enjoyed owning that truck.

It is another step - forward or back? Forward yes, in the sense that I am freeing myself from the loan payments and insurance costs, but a step back in that I am losing another piece of Jim.

I was at the bus stop and saw this truck drive by. It was a duplicate of the one I had just sold on Saturday. I cried. If only Jim could have been in the truck and smiling. If only.


sonya said...

Don't think of it as losing a piece of him but more like letting go, another step towards your healing.

Anonymous said...

He was able to enjoy the truck for a while. I was sad to see it go. At least he was able to get the BIG RED TRUCK and enjoy it......He desirved it...

Love ya Beverly